AIS 140 and the industry beyond

Telematics Association Of India with its members are formulating a road map for the AIS 140 VLTD industry and its implementations on National Level as per the MoRTH guidelines

"We are passing an age of digital transformation that truly places us in a unique position of creating foundation for an embedded revolution."
Amonchit Suriya Kiran

An association built on trust & integrity

Pioneers in the Telematics Fleet Management solutions market, we are focused group of companies connected with a common interests of creating an ecosystem to promote equal opportunity for everyone. We strive to constitute and maintain a Central and/or Zonal Organisation for co-operation among all those engaged as embedded design house, manufacturer of Vehicle Tracking System, AIS 140, IoT devices, any other government mandated telematics devices and accessories in India.

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Automotive Telematics

Telematics is a communication technology for the automobile industry based on information flowing to and generated from vehicles via wireless networks. It is the convergence of wireless communications, location technology and in-vehicle electronics pushing the automobile industry into the information age. The automotive telematics market is segmented on the basis of channel type, vehicle type, connectivity solutions, application, and region.

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Smart City Telematics

The new telematics applications are enabling Smart City initiatives worldwide. It provides the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices, and to create new insights and actionable information from massive streams of real-time data. The main features of a smart city include a high degree of information technology integration and a comprehensive application of information resources.

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Unlocking the power of alliance


An inclusive approach to collaborate on common goals and objectives, to increase quality of service for end user. Platform to discuss solutions to common concerns and problems. To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to trade, commerce and industries in general, and the telematics and telematics ancillary industries in particular.

Trade Development

Fair trade practices give real value to end users, to promote and protect the trade, commerce and industries of India, and, in particular, the trade, commerce and industries connected with Indian telematics and telematics ancillary industries. To communicate with Industrial Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial or public bodies, within and outside India, and to concentrate and promote measures for protection of trade, commerce and industries and firms engaged therein.

Research & Development

Community research is cost-effective and faster when pioneers of industry combine resources towards a common objective. Results are open to public with credible inputs and solutions.


Service providers, suppliers and facilitators enjoy buyers under the unified umbrella wherein there performance metrics can be ascertained by benchmarking using third-party tools with unbiased evaluation for quality and services. To protect the interest of the members against any monopolistic combine of suppliers of raw materials to the telematics and telematics ancillary industries.

Community Building

Ancillary units and their development encourages a support structure for an ever expanding ecosystem by offering a sustained growth. These support units provide effective and economical building blocks to the industry. To establish and promote effective liaison between telematics device design house / manufacturers on the one hand and the telematics ancillary industries on the other, with a view to ensure that the products of the latter are purchased by the former for use as original equipment.

Industry Representation

To further mutual assistance on technical and industrial problems and to make representations to Government Departments and Officials upon inspection, production, specification of material and such like matters pertaining to the telematics and telematics ancillary industries.

Patron Members
11 30%
Ordinary Members
24 63%
Associate Members
3 7%
Total Members
38 100%
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